A relaxing navigation challenge.

This idea seeped into my head while I was trying to sleep, I think it's the kind of thing I'd like to play to unwind. It's a bigger project than any I've attempted solo before, so progress will probably be glacial while I learn how much I still need to learn.


  • Generated Mazes
  • unlocks or key and door system
  • character animation ( pretty big, I reckon)
  • World assembling in front of you, then either falling away behind you or being permanent to serve as breadcrumbs (the vignette/spotlight is currently serving the mechanical function in the meantime.
  • transitions and cutscenes
  • tutorial
  • menu
  • fanfare
  • grid movement?
  • touch controls
  • sound (has to be last, it's tradition)


  • Added touch controls.


  • Added a hello, a tutorial bit and, an end; reworking the way scenes are picked into a more robust ..thingy... system?
  • Added love, not the game feels more like intended.
  • Tweaked some arts.


  • Tried to add some touch funcionality, broked everything.
  • abort, abort, abort.


  • 5 levels with end goal.
  • refined system for dealing with maze size.

V _2016/11/10

  • basic movement and camera and collision in place.
Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
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